The San Martino Tower

Behind San Martino Tower we can find the museum* that has a collection of heirlooms, documents and memories from the battle of  June 24th 1859, as well as significant records of other events related to the history of the Italian Risorgimento (literally “Resurgence”).

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Solferino Museum

Il Museo di Solferino (Solferino Museum) is located at the foothills of the fortress park and of the adjacent Charnel-Church park. Here models of cannons, weapons, uniforms and various mementos from the historic day of June 24th 1859 are displayed.

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The Battle - Video

It was the 24th of June of the year 1859. The Second War of Independence had started exactly two months earlier. On April 23rd Earl Cavour rejected the Austrian ultimatum that compelled  the Piedmonts to…. Watch the video

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The project includes a series of functions that visitors of the Museums of Solferino and San Martino can use to better understand the places where the battle took place on June 24th 1859. There are two main innovations that will be introduced in this application.
The first part of this app is structured as a multimedia guide that takes us on a trip to discover the monuments that make the museum centre of Solferino and San Martino with the use of multi-language data sheets that can be consulted both in audio and text format and that are activated when you get close to the point of interest.