Since 2012, inside of the Tower of San Martino della Battaglia, a new, original research programme itinerary is available using QR codes, downloadable on your smartphone and tablet thanks to the designated app.
In order to scan the code just frame it with your phone-camera after opening the scanning app.

In this way, visitors, walking through the staircase leading to the panoramic terrace, can read details of frescos displayed inside the Tower, getting to know more details about them, their sequence, their artistic and historic content.

Inside the Tower you can use your smartphone to get research programmes on paintings that are displayed. You will find QR codes as shown here below.

The most recommended spots are:

1 – The Entrance Room dedicated to Victor Emmanuel II
2 – First Room – The attack of the grenadiers of Sardinia
3 – Second Room – Defence of Venice
4 – Third Rooms – The Rifle Regiment against the Russians in the glorious battle at River Cernaja
5 – Portraits of Uniforms of the Sardinian Army Corps in 1859– first series
6 – Fourth Room – Last victorious assault at San Martino Hill
7 – Portraits of Uniforms of the Sardinian Army Corps in 1859 – second series
8 – Fifth Room – Battle between the soldiers of Garibaldi and the troops of the King of Naples, Francesco II of Bourbon at Capua
9 – Sixth Room – The Quadrangle of Villafranca
10 – Seventh Room – The death of Major Giacomo Pagliari at Porta Pia