The Solferino and San Martino Association is a Non-profit Organization founded in 1870 by Earl Luigi Torelli, senator of the Kingdom, in order to perpetuate and honor the memory of the Fallen during thebloody battle of the 24th of June 1859 in Solferino and San Martino and of all who fought for the Unification and the Independence of Italy. The Association devotes itself to keeping the ideals and values of the Resurge (Risorgimento), promoting events with the purpose of spreading the knowledge of this essential part of the native history and preserving Monuments, Museums, and the Chapel-Charnel House erected in the two historic sites of San Martino and Solferino which every year are visited by a lot of tourists.

Company Bulletin dated 1870 April 6

The Solferino and San Martino Association is located in San Martino d/B, a hamlet of Desenzano del Garda (BS). Phone number/Fax number: +39 030 9910370